Series 4

In Series 4, Jennifer Hynes joins Mike Ferrigan to collaborate and continue the development at Extinction Radio

31st March 2019 – Cory Morningstar

6th February 2019 – Jem Bendell

20th January 2019 – Dahr Jamail

5th January 2019 – Peter Wadhams and Vanessa Blakeslee

19th December 2018 – Nicholas Humphrey and Paul Beckwith

5th November 2018 – Kevin Anderson and Paul Beckwith

5th October 2018 – Peter Wadhams

25th September 2018 – Guy Lane

14th September 2018 – Mike Sliwa

4th September 2018 – Paul Beckwith

14th July, 2018 – Nicholas Humphrey

6th July, 2018 – Stuart Scott and Vanessa Blakeslee

28th May, 2018 – Deb Ozarko

7th May, 2018 –  Paul Beckwith, Carolyn Baker

3rd April 2018 – Derrick Jensen and Rory Varrato

22nd March 2018 – Peter Wadhams with Mike Ferrigan and Jennifer Hynes

6th March 2018 – Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, Lisa White, Nicholas, William Hawes, Rob Seimetz, Ian Baxter, Mike Ferrigan and Jennifer Hynes

21st February 2018 – Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, Nicholas Humphrey, Rob Seimetz, Ian Baxter, Mike Ferrigan

1st February 2018 – Hambone Littletail, Mike Ferrigan, Jennifer Hynes, Dean Spillane Walker,  Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, John Compost Cossham

14th January 2018 – Mike Ferrigan, Jennifer Hynes, Dean Spillane Walker,  Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, Peter Wadhams and Carolyn Baker

22nd November 2017 – Mike Sliwa, Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, Vanessa Blackeslee and Hambone Littletail

1st October 2017 – Peter Wadhams and Gene Gibson

12th September 2017 – Paul Beckwith, Tiokasin Ghosthorse

28th August 2017 – Derrick Jensen

28th June 2017 – Derrick Jensen and Paul Beckwith

14th June 2017 – Guy McPherson and Paul Beckwith

31st May 2017 – Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Carolyn Baker, Dean Spillane Walker, Lisa White

17th May 2017 – Cory Morningstar, Peter Russell, Melissa Golladay, Carolyn Baker, Hambone Littletail and Elizabeth West

5th May 2017 – Deb Ozarko, Jennifer Hynes and Peter Melton

19th April 2017 – Hambone Littletail, Forrest Palmer, Libbe HaLevy

5th Apri 2017 – Dahr Jamail, Mike Silwa, Paul Beckwith

22nd March 2017 – Peter Wahams, Dr Reese Halter, Hambone Littletail

8th March 2017 – Guy McPherson, Kevin Lister, and Paul Beckwith

22nd February 2017 – Nick at Relief Analysis and Paul Beckwith

8th February 2017 – Deb Ozarko, Kevin Hester, Hambone Littletail 

25th January 2017 –  Michael Sliwa, Hambone Littletail, Stuart Scott

11th December 2017 – Guy McPherson, Kenn Orphan, Carolyn Baker/Andrew Harvey and Paul Beckwith

28th December 2016 – Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Tim Garret

14th December 2016  – Gail Tverberg, Paul Beckwith

30th November 2016 – Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Guy McPherson/Kevin Hester

2 November 2016 – Deb Ozarko

2 November 2016 – Dahr Jamail