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Extinction Radio Episode 80, 22nd November 2017

Mike Sliwa, Derrick Jensen, Paul Beckwith, Vanessa Blackeslee and Hambone Littletail

0.00-0.47 Intro
0.47- 06.40 Music – Any Way The Wind Blows, Stephanie Steven
.40-1:00.43 In Conversation – Mike Sliwa and Mike Ferrigan
1:00:43-1:04.33 Music – Earth is Watching You, Stephanie Steven. lyrics Andrew Beck, guitar Johna
1:04:33 – 1:07.17 Derrick Jensen- My Cats Have Turned Into Little Monsters
1:07:17- 2:10:30 In Conversation – Paul Beckwith and Mike Ferrigan
2:10:30-2:14:36 Music- Waiting on a Plane. Mimi German
2:14;36- 3:3027 
In Conversation – Vanessa Blackeslee and Mike Ferrigan
3:3027- 3:33:58 Music- We’re Doomed, Davy Prendergast
3: 33:58- 4:27:59
In Conversation – Hambone Littletail and Mike Ferrigan

Extinction Radio is looking for a new Co-Producer

Extinction Radio was the idea of Founder, Mike Ferrigan.
He felt there was a need for a show which was not simply an interview but an eclectic mix of information, insight, music. laughter and support and as such, many Contributors are involved in each episode.
He helped produce and hosted the first 24 episodes.
Gene Gibson, Ivey Cone and Peter Melton then produced and hosted the following 28 episodes.
Mike is now back again helping producing the show along with Jennifer Hynes.
All episodes are available to listen to in our Archive section, accessed above.