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Extinction Radio Episode 88, 28th May, 2018 – Deb Ozarko

Exclusive interview with Deb Ozarko, with Music by Stefanie Steven

New Extinction Radio video podcast: Episode 88. Exclusive interview with Deb Ozarko, with Music by Doug Barr and Stefanie Steven, Video by Jennifer Hynes.
00:00 – 00:55 ……… Intro: Baba Brinkman music, Jennifer Hynes video
00:55 – 05:57 ……… Music Video: Doug Barr and the Blast: Arthur Gunn in 1915
05:57 – 09:34 ……… Cartoons: Music: Ofdream: Ninth Gate
09:34 – 1:23:18 ……… Interview: Deb Ozarko, with Peter Melton and Jennifer Hynes
1:23:18 – 1:27:37 ……… Volcano: On Location in Hawaii: Stefanie Steven
1:27:37 – 1:28:14 ……… Credits/End

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