Extinction Radio Episode 70, 19th April 2017 – Hambone Littletail, Forrest Palmer, Libbe HaLevy

A fantastic wee video teaser for the show, by Rick Siegenthaler.

Part One

00.00 Intro Music, Baba Brinkman- IPCC, Peter Melton
01.57  Peter Melton interviews Hambone Littletail
40.00 Benjamin The Donkey
40.41  Music, Davy Slenderass- Our Futures On Fire
44.10   Derrick Jensen- Exploitation Easter 

Part Two

00.06 Kenn Orphan – Free Fall
09.15  Forrest Palmer interviewed by John Compost Cossham
42.33  Music, Phat Bollard- Millionaires
John Compost Cossham interviews his dad, Paul

Part Three

00.20 Benjamin The Donkey
0041   Mike Sliwa – Why We Don’t Feel Our Own Demise
04.18  Libbe Halevy is interviewed by Jennifer Hynes
1.10.26 Music, Mimi German- Waiting On a Plane
1.14.15  Carolyn Baker
1.29. 46 Outro- Peter Melton

Extinction Radio was the idea of Founder, Mike Ferrigan.
He felt there was a need for a show which was not simply an interview but an eclectic mix of information, insight, music. laughter and support and as such, many Contributors are involved in each episode.
He helped produce and hosted the first 24 episodes.
Gene Gibson, Ivey Cone and Peter Melton then produced and hosted the following 28 episodes.
Jennifer Hynes, Patrick Wilson and Peter Melton are now producing the show.
All episodes are available to listen to in our Archive section, accessed above.
The show is broadcast on Activate Media every second Wednesday.
9PM Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time, Thursday at 2am BST.
The current Podcast is available here on our Homepage.