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Episode 95, 5th November 2018, Kevin Anderson and Paul Beckwith

Part 1

00.00-00.18 Intro
00.18- 0.14.50        Chris Hedges – American Psychosis
0.14.50- 00.19.54  Avidor- Countdown to Extinction
00.19.54- 00.41.25 Kevin Anderson and Mike Ferrigan
00.41.25- 01.46.32 Kevin Anderson’s latest presentation at Edinburgh University

Part 2

00.00-oo.18 Intro
00.18-02.24 David Attenborough  – Completely Fucked
02.24-05.10  Timor-Leste – Juice Media
05.10- 09.07  Support A Friend
09.07- 02.06.22 Paul Beckwith, Vanessa Blakeslee and Mike Ferrigan



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