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The sixth video episode!
Extinction Radio Episode 86, 3rd April 2018 – Rory Varrato and Derrick Jensen

Index: 3rd April 2018:
00:00 – 00:46 Intro: Baba Brinkman music, Jennifer Hynes video
00:46 – 05:23 Harry Gibbs: “Fundamental Problem w/ the Global Economy”, Jennifer Hynes video
05:23 – 05:28 Cartoon: Winners and Losers
05:28 – 09:44 Music: Stefanie Steven: “Welcome to Paradise”, Rick Siegenthaler Video
09:44 – 53:29 Interview: Rory Varrato with Jennifer Hynes
53:29 – 1:01:06 Music: Stefanie Steven: “In Too Deep”, Rick Siegenthaler Video
1:01:06 – 1:03:09 Forest Sounds Meditation, Jennifer Hynes, Video
1:03:09 – 1:38:00 Interview: Derrick Jensen with Jennifer Hynes

Co Producers – Jennifer Hynes, Mike Ferrigan

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