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Episode 103, April 1st 2020, Peter Wadhams

Peter Wadhams  in conversation with Vanessa Blakeslee and Mike Ferrigan covering:
Coronavirus, Arctic Ice, Black Ice, Blue Ocean Event,The Economy/Capitalism/Green New Deal, Self Isolation, Exponential Growth, Aerosol Masking Effect, Methane and Negative Emissions Technology.

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At Extinction Radio, we bear witness to the 6th great extinction, an event which we believe will culminate in the extinction of the human species too in the near future. This  podcast is here to provide up to date information, a place to explore the thoughts of others who are ruminating over this dire matter as well as emotional and psychological support for all those upon whom this realization has dawned.

You will find here on this podcast interviews with the foremost luminaries on the subject of catastrophic climate change, the ongoing destruction of the environment, and coming to terms with all these deeply distressing facts. Past guests have included the likes of climate journalist Dahr Jamail, leading climate scientist Peter Wadhams, and psychologist Carolyn Baker. We hope that sharing in the thoughts and feelings of such luminaries will help lighten the burden of all those who are carrying this dire knowledge and are feeling intensely the pain of watching our only planet die.

It is no understatement to say that contending with our own extinction is the foremost, in truth the ONLY, existential question which is left for us to grapple with, as we witness the death of all life around us. We are very much living in the final phase of the exponential growth of human population and economic activity, an event which will conclude with socioeconomic collapse once resources have been depleted to critical levels and once abrupt climate change comes into full force. This will soon pave the way to total extinction of all complex lifeforms, including us, as conditions on planet earth depart too severely from the thin envelopes of temperature, humidity and stability of the Holocene geological epoch, within which the current cast of lifeforms have evolved and to which they are perfectly adapted. Even as things stand, the ever expansive economic activities of the human species are enough to cause the death of all life on planet earth, irrespective of climate change.

Extinction Radio was the idea of Founder, Mike Ferrigan. He felt there was a need for a show which was not simply an interview but an eclectic mix of information, insight, music, laughter and support and as such, many contributors have been involved in each episode.

Mike helped produce and host the first 24 episodes. Gene Gibson, Ivey Cone and Peter Melton then produced and hosted the following 28 episodes. Mike then returned and has produced over 50 episodes. His co hosts in this period were Jennifer Hynes and Vanessa Blakeslee. He now hosts the show himself.

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