Jennifer Hynes


Co-Producer / Contributor

Jennifer co-produces this podcast with Mike Ferrigan. Extinction Radio is on every Wednesday night on

Jennifer is a climate researcher and creator of 2 major climate change videos addressing the escalating climate trends and methane hydrate situation in the Arctic. As a highly trained IT professional with an emphasis on large data migrations and data trends analysis, she has a passion for connecting the dots of the climate world, and spreading awareness of the looming climate catastrophe. She also has a deep and abiding interested in Tibetan Buddhism. As a child, she grew up in Laos and Ghana, and she brings a world perspective to the topics of rapid climate change and sustainability. While not a formally trained climate scientist, her 1st video, “The Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise” was widely viewed and went viral. Her 2nd video, “Methane Monster II: Demise of the Arctic” was also widely seen. Both videos were featured in the Arctic News Blogspot. Jennifer continues to speak out about Abrupt Climate Change, on her website Living in View of Extinction. Jennifer’s continuing personal journey is one of uniting scientific discovery with the transformation of consciousness, and finding balance amidst coming chaos.