Extinction Radio Episode 59, 16th Nov 2016 Deb Ozarko

A fantastic video teaser from Rick Siegenthaler

Part One

00.00 Baba Brinkman – IPCC
00.37 Mike Ferrigan – Intro
02.17 Lisa White – Taking Responsibility
12.20 Benjamin The Donkey – How Do They Do It
12.50 Michael Adzema – Attitudes, Inanities and The Obvious Unspoken
24.20 Deb Ozarko – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes and Mike Ferrigan Part 1
1.05.00 Musical Interlude – Rura – Change is Coming
1.09.58 Deb Ozarko – Conversation with Jennifer Hynes and Mike Ferrigan Part 2

Part Two

00.00 Benjamin The Donkey – Chatter
00.27 Zhiwa Woodbury – Planetary Hospice
13.30 John Compost Cossham – Sea Ice
25.17 Benjamin The Donkey – Impossible Dream
25.34 Jennifer Hynes in conversation with Mike Ferrigan – Drumph
1.00.29 Benjamin The Donkey – Life Was Hard
1.00.50 Carolyn Baker – The Three Rs
1.16.o5 Harry Gibbs – Climate and Financial update and Drumph
1.41.06 Outro – Mike Ferrigan

Extinction Radio was the idea of Founder, Mike Ferrigan.
He felt there was a need for a show which was not simply an interview but an eclectic mix of information, insight, music. laughter and support and as such, many Contributors are involved in each episode.
He produced and hosted the first 24 episodes.
Gene Gibson then produced and hosted the following 28 episodes.
Mike is now back hosting and producing the show.
All episodes are available to listen to in our Archive section, accessed above.
The show is broadcast on Activate Media every second Wednesday.
9PM Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time, Thursday at 2am BST.
The current Podcast is available here on our Homepage shortly after it airs.

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