Episode 1, 29 March 2015 – Guy McPherson

0:01 Music by Gene Gibson and Rhian Ferrigan
04:30 Harry Gibbs
10:34 Benjamin the Donkey
12:32 Conversation with Dr. Guy McPherson
41:13 Music with Roblyn Crawford
48:28 Debba Kale Earnshaw – News Item
52:50 Dr. Guy McPherson – Climate Change Report
57:12 Poetry – Debba Kale Earnshaw
59:03 Conversation with Dr. Paul Beckwith
1:10:23 Gene’s Gems – Music by John Ludi

Some Highlights from the Episode
Debba Kale Earnshaw reads a piece by Alex Steffen from his book “World Changing”:

This is for anyone who thinks that the coming catastrophe will be exciting, something to look forward to…
Real apocalypses are sordid, banal, insane. If things do become unraveled, they present not a golden opportunity for lone wolves and well-armed geeks, but a reality of babies with diarrhea, of bugs and weird weather and dust everywhere, of never enough to eat, of famine and starving, hollow eyed people, of drunken soldier full of boredom and self-hate, or random murder and rape and wars which accomplish nothing, of many fine things lost for no reason and nothing of any value gained. And survivalists, if they actually manage to avoid becoming the prey of larger groups, sitting bitter and cold and hungry and paranoid, watching their supplies run low and wishing they had a clean bed and some friends. Of all the lies we tell ourselves this is the biggest: that there’s any world worth living in that involves the breakdown of society.

Excerpts from Episode

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