Episode 8, 17th May 2015 – Mike Shouldice

0:12 Music by Rhian Ferrigan
4:50 Harry Gibbs, Extreme Weather Report
11:17 Interview with Mike Shouldice
1:00:57 Music by Phat Bollard
1:04:04 Benjamin the Donkey
1:05:10 Climate Change Update with Guy McPherson
1:48:17 Gene’s Gems: Music by Eric Thirteen
1:52:03 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki
1:58:27 Paul Beckwith
2:24:02 Benjamin the Donkey
2:25:02 Music by Eric Thirteen
2:29:38 Debba Kale Earnshaw
2:31:29 John Compost Cossham
2:40:50 Solomon Amuzu, Permaculture Update
2:49:57 Music with Roblyn Crawford

Excerpts from Episode

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