Episode 7, 10th May 2015 – Gail Zawacki

0:22 Music by Gene Gibson
4:30 Harry Gibbs, Extreme Weather Report
6:00 Climate Change Update with Guy McPherson
9:03 Gene’s Gems: Music by Chris Chadwick
13:20 Benjamin the Donkey
15:13 Interview with Gail Zawacki
51:38 Music with Roblyn Crawford
58:46 Benjamin the Donkey
1:00:21 Paul Beckwith
1:37:56 Gene’s Gems with Paul Wengo of Wengo West
1:41:47 Solomon Amuzu
1:47:55 Music by Kevin Gore
1:54:13 Debba Kale Earnshaw, poem
1:55:34 Robin Westenra, Seemorerocks

Excerpts from Episode

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