Episode 5, 26 April 2015 – Robin Westenra

0:23 Music by Vast Mandana
5:47 Harry Gibbs, Extreme Weather Report
7:45 Paul Beckwith, Climate Report
20:56 Benjamin the Donkey
23:00 Gene’s Gems: Music by Pat Wictor
27:45 Climate Change Update with Guy McPherson
43:44 News article with Debba Kale Earnshaw
46:40 Interview with Robin Westerna
1:11:33 Music by Danny Mullins
1:17:19 Solomon Amuzu, Permaculture Update
1:29:45 Music with Roblyn Crawford
1:36:37 John Compost Cossham, Minimalist Living
1:43:05 Gene’s Gems: Music by Pat Wictor
1:48:12 Poetry with Debba Kale Earnshaw

Excerpts from Episode

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