Episode 29 (Old Ep. 33), 8th Nov 2015 – Lee Nelson, Janaia Donaldson

00:00 Rhapsody in Celtic Written and Performed by Gene Gibson
01:00 Introduction
03:17 Benjamin The Donkey, The Methane Gun
04:37 Lee Nelson, Global Collapse Headquarters Radio – Interview by Mike Ferrigan
17:36 Guy McPherson, On Location with National Geographic and Bill Nye the Science Guy – Interview by Peter Melton
52:14 Janaia Donaldson, Carolyn Baker, and Ivey Cone Round-table Discussion – Peak Moment TV
84:24 Poet Laureates Of Doom: Rex Eagle, Debba Kale Earnshaw, Benjamin The Donkey
83:03 Gene’s Gems – Bessie Smith, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
91:40 Paul Beckwith – Interview by Peter Melton
105:57 Carolyn Baker – Grief Is A Doorway
111:20 Gene’s Gems – Bessie Smith, St. Louis Blues
115:44 Cathe’ Fish on Permaculture and Sustainability in the Pre-Columbian Americas
122:12 Solomon Amuzu, Permaculture Update: Soil Nutrition
128:51 Guy McPherson Q&A
134:28 Debba Kale Earnshaw, Sam Carana’s Blog
136:20 Ivey Cone, Extreme Weather
147:28 Sign-off.

Some Highlights from the Episode
Some notes from the conversation between Janaia Donaldson, featuring Ivey Cone and Carolyn Baker:
– 56:30, Ivey Cone about staying calm and composed during collapse (slightly paraphrased):

As we progress with collapse and the degradation of the environment, we must recognize it, feel it, feel the anger and grief in full, release it and get centered again. We need to do this in order that we can be there for the people around us, who have not had the benefit of the 10-20 years of intellectual, psychological and emotional preparation that we’ve been privileged to have.

– 58:10, Carolyn Baker on denial and distraction as necessary defence mechanisms for people who do not possess the coping skills:

I don’t think you can really look [at the predicament] unless you have the emotional tools. Maybe it’s even wise not to look if you don’t have the emotional tools. If you don’t know how to face your fear, anger, grief and despair, and deal with them, and allow them to be teachers for you, then you might as well be distracted – zoned out in front of the TV, or take refuge in your drink of choice.

– 1:01:40, Carolyn Baker about overcoming addiction to news about climate change and ecological apocalypse (slightly paraphrased):

In my life coaching, I work with many, many people who do that same sort of thing every single day: They want one more piece of science, one more piece of data, to validate [their worst fears, simply] because they don’t have other people to talk to. It’s as if the computer and the worst scenario have become their best friend. I often have to help people to get away from what has almost become an addiction. [At a certain point] what more do you need to know? If you’ve read the research, if you’re up to speed, you don’t need to know anything else. As a matter of fact, I believe that on a deeper level we DO know how bad it is. The whole culture knows how bad it is which is why the culture is insane. My suggestion is that if people are going to be addicted to anything, to be addicted to nature [to go outdoors and live sensually amidst nature (while it still exists), and] to experience “earth eroticism”.

Referenced in the Episode
Guy McPherson on National Geographic, on Bill Nye’s “Global Meltdown”

The full video versions of the conversation between Janaia Donaldson, Ivey Cone and Carolyn Baker. Two versions: one from Peak Moment TV on Youtube and one from Ivey Cone’s FukiCafe on Youtube.

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