Episode 19 (Old Ep. 21), 16th Aug 2015 – Part 1 with Cindy Sheehan, Part 2 with Carolyn Baker

Part 1

0:08 Extinction Radio Theme Music by Gene Gibson
0:30 Gene’s Gems: Adaya
8:00 Interview of Cindy Sheehan with Mike Ferrigan and Ivey Cone
49:30 Benjamin the Donkey
50:20 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki
1:19:20 Benjamin the Donkey
1:19:50 Sam Carana Editorial with Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:23:02 Benjamin the Donkey
1:23:30 Extreme Weather Update with Ivey Cone
1:35:55 Benjamin the Donkey
1:36:35 Music: Ross Ainslie and Friends
1:39:54 Interview with Paul Beckwith
2:24:26 Poetry with Debba Kale Earnshaw
2:26:55 Poetry by Rabid Poet Rex Eagle
2:28:11 Benjamin the Donkey

Part 2

0:00 Interview with Carolyn Baker by Mike Ferrigan
16:36 John Compost Cossham
26:49 Benjamin the Donkey
27:03 Solomon Amuzu, Permaculture Update
32:39 Guy McPherson, Robin “Seemorerocks” Westenra and Kevin Hester
1:04:08 Gene’s Gems: Adaya
1:08:18 Benjamin the Donkey
1:08:33 Pam and Juanita with Seemorerocks
1:30:20 Comment by Seemorerocks

Some Highlights from the Episode
Guy McPherson at about 44:13 in Part 2, while addressing the reticence of scientists and their lack of courage to speak the full truth:

… the nail that stands up gets pounded down. The entire culture works to homogenize everyone’s views.

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