Episode 17 (Old Ep. 19), 2nd Aug 2015 – Derrick Jensen

0:08 Benjamin the Donkey
3:23 Interview with Derrick Jensen
31:11 Mimi German
35:05 Interview with Derrick Jensen con’t.
1:07:52 Benjamin the Donkey
1:08:12 Carolyn Baker with Peter Melton
1:18:07 Sam Carrana Read by Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:21:09 Gene’s Gems: Music by Robin Greenstein
1:26:58 Benjamin the Donkey
1:27:50 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki
1:44:05 Guy McPherson
1:46:30 Poetry with Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:50:05 Benjamin the Donkey
1:50:50 Dean Walker with Peter Melton
2:02:13 Gene’s Gems: Music by Robin Greenstein
2:05:49 The Rabid Poet
2:06:56 Seemorerocks
2:13:32 John Compost Cossham
2:26:02 Peter Melton interviewed by Dean Walker
2:36:22 Benjamin the Donkey
2:37:05 Extreme Weather Update by Ivey Cone
3:01:55 Kevin Hester with Peter Melton

Some Highlights from the Episode
At about 2:13:14, John Compost Crossham reads a very thought provoking Facebook post by one of his friends, and then goes on to reflect on it:

Imagine you’re on a car journey with friends and have dozed off. You wake up to find everyone, including the driver, asleep, and the vehicle just speeding over a cliff at the beginning of an earthward free-fall. Would you try and wake the other passengers or just let them sleep? Is it more humane to let them sleep? Maybe it depends on what the unknown variables are, such as how far the drop is and what the chances of survival are.

At about 24:00, Derrick Jensen makes reference to Louis Mumford, who advanced the notion that a society’s mindset will give rise to forms of technology which are particular to that mindset. A democratic mindset gives rise to a democratic form of technology, and likewise an authoritarian mindset to authoritarian technology.

Benjamin the Donkey’s lymirick at about 1:08:00:

My days are just marking time,
Though I crave experience sublime.
All we produce are thoughts without use,
And words in a meaningless rhyme.

Benjamin the Donkey’s limerick at about 1:26:58, on the psychological metamorphosis which one goes through upon the realization of doom:

Studying doomer decline
Makes mental parts realign;
A new paradigm
Requires some time
For the parts to correctly combine.

Brain neural pathways require
Certain stimuli to rewire,
And rate limiting steps
In these chemical preps
All take time to transpire.

Doom takes some time to upload,
And still more for your brain to decode;
Since it’s so hard to face,
Set a nice relaxed pace,
And your whole fucking head won’t explode.

Even if physically prepped,
And with skills at which one is adept,
The outlook’s so bleak,
It would make people freak,
So doom takes awhile to accept.

Of Interest
Benjamin the Donkey recites some limericks, including the one above:

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