Episode 15 (Old Ep. 17), 19th July 2015 – Stephen Jenkinson (Pt 1)

00:12 Doom Blues by Sawtooth
2:00 Extreme Weather Update by Myrn Inparis
10:17 It’s All Uphill by Stephen Steinbrink
13:03 Tribes by Benjamin the Donkey
14:49 Climate Change Update from Guy McPherson
18:55 Poet Laureates of Doom: Rex Eagle, Dark Poems Rising; Debba Kale Earnshaw, Dust If You Must
22:28 In-depth Interview by Myrn and Mike – Stephen Jenkinson, Author
1:06 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki
1:18 Hierarchy by Benjamin the Donkey
1:20 Report from Down Under from Seemore Rocks and Kevin Hester
1:25 Newborn by Fast Heart Mart
1:28 Carolyn Baker Interviewed by Peter Melton
1:40 Updates and Chats: Tremendous York with John Compost Cossham

Some Highlights from the Episode
Stephen Jenkinson at about 38:30:

[In our day and age] sanity takes the form of grief…of immense sorrow….The most sorrow-burdened people of today might be the people who get it.

At about 1:14:30, Gail Zawacki quotes Paul Chefurka in her weekly Dispatch from the Endocene:

Is there bread and milk on the store shelves? If so, everything is fine, so abortion and infanticide can be regarded as sins. Cut the food supply by 50%, and watch the morality change.

Further on (at about 1:17:30), Gail brings up Fermi’s Paradox and (unwittingly?) restates the Great Filter Theory:

…I can only think that the solution to Fermi’s Paradox is that sad and paradoxically comforting notion that by the time a species achieves the technology to travel or communicate through space, it will have run out of resources and out of time.

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