Episode 13 (Old Ep. 15), 5th July 2015 – Peter Melton

0:35 Putting Yourself Back Together Again by Razorbills
4:46 Program Introduction with Mike Ferrigan
6:35 What to Do? by Benjamin the Donkey
6:54 Dispatch from the Endocene with Gail Zawacki
22:24 Anyone with Ross Ainslie
24:14 In-depth Interview Peter Melton Interviewed by Myrn and Mike
1:24:55 Future References by Benjamin the Donkey
1:25:14 Indians and Clowns by Mimi German
1:29:57 Extinction with Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:31:51 Back through the Years with Rex Eagle
1:32:43 Avoidance by Benjamin the Donkey
1:33:20 Extreme Weather Report with Myrn Inparis
1:42:44 On Nuclear Waste by Benjamin the Donkey
1:43:10 Seemorerocks with Robin Westenra
1:52:10 Carolyn Baker with Mike Ferrigan
2:12:42 Reframing by Benjamin the Donkey
2:13:00 Report from Down Under with Robin Westenra and Kevin Hester
2:40:47 Climate Change Update with Guy McPherson
2:54:23 How Do They Do It? by Benjamin the Donkey
2:54:44 John Compost Cossham
3:03:15 Climate Change Report with Paul Beckwith

Excerpts from Episode

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