Episode 12 (Old Ep. 14), 28th June 2015 – Mimi German

0:22 Waiting on the Plane by Mimi German
5:24 Extreme Weather Report with Mike Ferrigan
25:41 Junk by Benjamin the Donkey
26:06 Gene’s Gems: Steal My Soul by Strait and Miller
31:10 In-depth Interview with Mimi German – Mike Ferrigan
1:21:20 Fuck by Benjamin the Donkey
1:21:45 Poetry with Debba Kale Earnshaw
1:25:10 Carolyn Baker with Mike Ferrigan
1:39:24 Suffering by Benjamin the Donkey
1:40:00 Climate Change Report with Guy McPherson
1:56:26 Poetry with Rex Eagle
1:57:27 Gene’s Gems: Alcohol and Pills by Strait and Miller
2:01:02 What to Do? by Benjamin the Donkey
2:01:33 Sam Carana Editorial Read by Mike Shouldice
2:03:33 Poetry with Jack Adam Weber
2:05:08 Overshoot by Vast Mandana
2:06:58 Future References by Benjamin the Donkey
2:07:15 Report from Down Under with Seemorerocks and Pam
2:16:32 Minimalist Living with John Compost Cossham
2:28:21 When Gas Is Past by Benjamin the Donkey
2:28:37 Arctic Emergency by Vast Mandana
2:32:55 Solomon Amuzu, Permaculture Update

Excerpts from Episode

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