Episode 20 (Old Ep. 22), 23rd Aug 2015 – Nick Breeze, Paul Beckwith

0:08 Extinction Radio Theme Music – Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson
0:27 Music by Vast Mandana – Overload
6:00 Introduction with Mike Ferrigan, Host
10:34 Mike Ferrigan – Conversation with Nick Breeze
34:42 Benjamin The Donkey
35:40 Gail Zawacki – Dispatch from the Endocene
55:21 Benjamin The Donkey
55:47 Gene’s Gems – Straiton Miller, Into Me
60:24 Dr. Guy McPherson – Q&A
64:30 Benjamin the Donkey
64:57 Carolyn Baker and Peter Melton – Mystery and Uncertainty
79:09 Poetry – Rex Eagle, Benjamin The Donkey
82:55 Gene’s Gems – Straiton Miller, Where the Streamline Flows
88:10 Mike Ferrigan – Interview with Paul Beckwith
135:30 Benjamin The Donkey
136:16 Guy McPherson – Climate Change Update
137:54 Sam Carana’s Blog Post
140:41 SeeMoreRocks – Just How Green Is the Green Party?
165:00 John Compost Cossham – On Deborah Annapol
171:00 Sign-off, Mike Ferrigan, Host

Some Highlights from the Episode
At about 31:00, Mike Ferrigan recounts his experience of losing many of his close friends and family as a result of his newfound belief in near-term human extinction. He brought it up in other later interviews too – with Gail Tveberg and Paul Chefurka.

Gail Zawacki gives a scathing treatment of humans, even primitive humans who supposedly lived in harmony with the environment, in her Dispatch from the Endocene.

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