Episode 102 – 10th December 2019 – Paul Beckwith live from CoP 25 in Madrid

In this episode, Mike interviews Paul Beckwith, paleoclimatologist at the University of Ottawa, who also runs a Youtube channel which features detailed educational videos on climate science. Mike and Paul talk about the current COP 25 conference in Madrid, among other things.

Below are both the video and audio versions of this episode, both downloadable.

Video Version:

Audio Version:

The following is a panel discussion at COP 25 featuring Paul Beckwith, Peter Carter and Peter Wadhams. A handful of folks attended what is probably the mos important presentation of the whole of COP 25. They explain why COP’s are a continuing charade and the reality of the dire situation we are in. Meanwhile, sadly, a crowd of what sounds like children are heard cheering in another room.:

Here is another version, on Nick Breeze’s channel on Youtube:

Dr Peter Carter had some very scathing words about the meaninglessness of COP conferences in general. This video, also on Nick Breeze’s channel, went semi-viral:

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