Extinction Radio Episode49 25th March 2016 Nick from Relief Analysis

0:00 Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson; Introduction with Gene Gibson, Host

03:58 Susan Livingston – Global Extreme Weather Financial News

18:59 Gene Gibson – Conversation with “Nick,” ReliefAnalysis.com

39:42 Gene Gibson – Conversation with Kevin Hester: The Oceans Are Dying

51:23 Gene Gibson – Editorial

59:18 Poetry – Rex Eagle, Debba Kale Earnshaw, Benjamin the Donkey

63:33 Gene’s Gems – Doug Irwin, The Bridges that I Burn

69:00 Gene Gibson – Conversation with Dr. Paul Beckwith: Climate Change and Financial Collapse

90:37 Zhiwa Woodbury – The Role of Human Nature in the Climate Crisis

101:38 John Compost Cossham – Conversation with Mark Lichty, Groundswell Rising Executive Producer

110:49 Susan Livingston – Global Extreme Weather Events

126:27 Sign-off, Gene Gibson, Host

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