Extinction Radio Episode43 12th Feb 2016 Zhiwa Woodbury

0:00 Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson; Introduction with Gene Gibson, Host
06:00 Kevin Hester, Jennifer Hynes, Gene Gibson
19:20 Ivey Cone – History of Valentines Day
24:03 Peter Melton – A Fable for Valentines Day
31:46 John Compost Cossham – Alternative Love Relationships
43:15 Poetry – Rex Eagle, Debba Kale Earnshaw, Benjamin the Donkey
49:08 Gene’s Gems – Chopin’s Ballade in G Minor
59:31 Paul Beckwith and Peter Melton – The Decline of Phytoplankton in Our Oceans
75:23 Kathy Harrison – Saving Food in the Edge Times
87:15 Gail Zawacki – Love in the Endocene
91:58 Michael Adzema – Conversation on the Eve of the Apocalypse
112:49 Zhiwa Woodbury – Origins of Our Denier Mentality
165:42 Susan Livingston – Global Extreme Weather Report
183:00 Sign-off, Gene Gibson, Host

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