Extinction Radio Episode36 25th Dec 2015 Best of 2015 Compilation

0:00 Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson; Introduction with Gene Gibson, Host

03:34 Ivey Cone – X-notes: Compilation of the First 18 EXR Episodes

39:30 Ivey Cone with Dr. Guy McPherson – Fukkit, the Seventh Stage of Grief

60:12 Benjamin The Donkey – The Yeast Cells

66:00 Carolyn Baker – Conversation with Mike Ferrigan

83:51 Gail Zawacki – Dispatch from the Endocene

99:01 Ivey Cone and Carolyn Baker – Conversation with Janaia Donalson: Coming to Terms with Extinction

131:18 Cathe’ Fish – Basics of Permaculture

138:18 John Compost Cossham – Climate Change

149:20 Peter Melton – Conversation with Dr. Guy McPherson: Appearing on National Geographic with Bill Nye, the Science Guy

184:55 Gene’s Gems – Brother Sun, Lady of The Harbor byJoe Jancks

189:43 Ivey Cone – Extreme Weather Report

198:47 Sign-off, Gene Gibson, Host