Extinction Radio Episode35 18th December 2015 Jeremy Hoffman

0:00 Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson; Introduction with Gene Gibson, Host
04:48 Kevin Hester – Statement of Resignation from New Zealand Green Party
23:30 Carolyn Baker – What Is the Solstice
42:54 Peter Melton – Conversation with Jeremy Hoffman, Graduate Student In Paleo-Climatology
59:34 Poetry – Rex Eagle, Circles; Debba Kale Earnshaw, Waltz; Benjamin The Donkey, Review Of COP21
66:17 Gene’s Gems – Burning Bush, Rad Halailal (Klezmer traditional)
70:17 John Compost Cossham – Meaning of the Solstice to a Non-Religious Person
75:50 Peter Melton – Santa Ranta
82:39 Contributors Appreciation: Debba Kale Earnshaw, Benjamin the Donkey, Ivey Cone, John Compost Cossham, Kevin Hester, John Ludi
92:04 Gene’s Gems – Mirabai, Compilation of Sacred Kirtan Chants and Songs
99:09 Dr. Guy McPherson – Q&A
101:44 Debba Kale Earnshaw – Sam Carana’s Blog Post
102:52 Ivey Cone – Extreme Weather Update
102:16 Sign-off, Gene Gibson, Host

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