Extinction Radio Episode33 4th Dec 2015 Sean Kell

0:00 Rhapsody in Celtic by Gene Gibson; Introduction with Gene Gibson, Host
04:36 Peter Melton – Conversation with Sean Kelly, Northern California Cosmologist: Our Role in the Universe
49:22 Peter Melton – Conversation with Dr. Paul Beckwith: Plans for Attending COP21
75:50 Poetry – Rex Eagle, Homage to Pay; Debba Kale Earnshaw, Hurt Hawk (Robinson Jeffers); Benjamin the Donkey, Guilt Assuager
79:54 Gene’s Gems – Brother Sun, Lady of the Harbor by Joe Jencks
85:27 Carolyn Baker – Existential Territory
92:08 Gail Zawacki – Dispatch from the Endocene
106:27 John Compost Cossham – The Effect of the UK Bombing of ISIL in Syria
114:59 Cathe’ Fish – Permaculture Primer
121:04 Solomon Amuzu – Permaculture Update: Weeds
127:19 Dr. Guy McPherson – Q&A (Ask your questions on Facebook or email them to Extinction Radio at gmail dot com.)
135:25 Gene’s Gems – Pat Wictor, I Will Raise My Voice and Sing
138:40 Ivey Cone – Extreme Weather Update
147:28 Sign-off, Gene Gibson, Host

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