Extinction Radio Episode 70, 19th April 2017 – Hambone Littletail, Forrest Palmer, Libbe HaLevy

A fantastic wee video teaser for the show, by Rick Siegenthaler.


Part One

00.00 Intro Music, Baba Brinkman- IPCC, Peter Melton
01.57  Peter Melton interviews Hambone Littletail
40.00 Benjamin The Donkey
40.41  Music, Davy Slenderass- Our Futures On Fire
44.10   Derrick Jensen- Exploitation Easter
Part Two

00.06 Kenn Orphan – Free Fall
09.15  Forrest Palmer interviewed by John Compost Cossham
42.33  Music, Phat Bollard- Millionaires
45.35    John Compost Cossham interviews his dad, Paul
Part Three

00.20 Benjamin The Donkey
0041   Mike Sliwa – Why We Don’t Feel Our Own Demise
04.18  Libbe Halevy is interviewed by Jennifer Hynes
1.10.26 Music, Mimi German- Waiting On a Plane
1.14.15  Carolyn Baker
1.29. 46 Outro- Peter Melton