Extinction Radio Episode 71, 5th May 2017 – Deb Ozarko, Jennifer Hynes and Peter Melton in conversation

A fantastic wee video teaser for the show, by Rick Siegenthaler.

Part One

00.00 Intro Music, Baba Brinkman- IPCC
01.10  Deb Ozarko, Jennifer Hynes and Peter Melton in conversation
1.05.12 Music – Glen St John – Black Tide
1.08.10 Benjamin The Donkey

Part Two

00.05 Mike Sliwa – It’s all in our heads
04.57  Interview – Sean Kelly
44.48 Benjamin The Donkey
45.20 Music- Davy Slenderass, Our Future’s on Fire
48.48 Kenn Orphan – The Ghosts That Dwell Amongst Us
54.27  Rob Seimetz – The Sacred “C” words

Part Three

00.20 Derrick Jensen – Limits of the Planet
19.40  Benjamin The Donkey
19.57  Lisa White – Acceptance
34.57 Music – Mimi German- Waiting On a Plane
38.40 Kenn Orphan – Flirting With the Fires of Hell
46.44 Interview – Paul Beckwith
1.50.30 Outro Music, Baba Brinkman- IPCC[audio

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