Extinction Radio Episode 57 19th Oct 2016 Josh Fox/Jennifer Hynes and Peter Wadhams

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Thanks to Rick Sigenthaler for this video teaser for the show

00.00 Music from Cheryl Hillier, Another Way
and Bara Brinkman, IPCC
03.39 Intro, Mike Ferrigan
08.58 Benjamin The Donkey, Doomer Desiderata
10.32 Harry Gibbs, short Financial Report
18.17 Carolyn Baker on Peter Russell and personal issues
38.11 John Compost Cossham on the Josh Fox Experience
49.30 Josh Fox plays a short Banjo Piece
51.04 John Compost Cossham interviews Josh Fox
1:08.40 Music from Mimi German, Waiting on a Plane
1.12 34 Lisa White, Choosing Courage Over Fear
1.22.08 Michael Adzema
1.32.00 Music from Robin Greenstein, West Coast Swing
1.35.25 Converstion with Jennifer Hynes, Peter Wadhams and Mike Ferrigan
2.13.40 Outro. Mike Ferrigan